Trading Hard Sunken Pants for a SS of any enchant

Preferably Swift SS but I don’t mind.

Contact me in Discord “my name is fire#9583”

I’m open to negotiations

add more
unfortunetly not enough, like one strong oath or something else
(not an expert tho)

you know you can def get a sunken sword, but something about offering helmets or boots for a sunken sword feels off to me, so i doubt youll get something


helmet no, boots fine with a couple/few (good) boss drops or just some other half decent adds, chestpiece very fine

I was really thinking of accepting this but changed my mind in the end

i mean i would love a hard sunken set but im not gonna trade a heap of swords
considering i lack basically everything sunken/seasonal related

I doubt anyone has/would ever trade like 3-5 clean sunken swords for a hard sunken set that shit is expensive af (in one trade)

i keep fucking making typos GRRRRRRRRRR

most people trade like a strong sword + clean/powerful sunken pieces
or headlesses

trading other sunken armour pieces for better enchanted sunken pieces sounds completely redundant

Don’t think the seller would be too appeased with that

Tbh I don’t mind throwing in something else if you want to negotiate that.

Nah sorry not that interested, I only have 1 swift sunken sword left so I’d rather keep it for now

Its alr

If anybody is a bit off about the offer do contact me, I have a bunch of other items i can throw in to add.

what else you gonna throw in

I have another sunken pants enchant, hard exiled pants, and a mino set + extra enchanted chest

what enchant

Nothing really too good, its swift

then i wont do it sorry

its alr lol

It would be easier for you if you traded the hard boots for a large sum of clean sunken and traded sole of them for a sword

How many would be a fair deal tho?