Trading Hard Sunken Sword for Headless Head

I know, people will say its underpaying, but I already met people some months ago, which want to buy sunken sword and offers their headless head, these people is exist, so if you think thats underpaying, then just close topic. This topic was made for these poor guys which want this sword so badly… communicate with Mortal_Shadow#9655 for trade. Im not accepting other offers.

ur underpaying so HARD
ur offer is so shit

Bro is overpaying its a great offer :rofl:

Youre kidding right

Anyways to be blunt why would anyone accept this offer when they can get atleast 2 strong sunken swords for their headless?

the sword cures cancer

Shit my bad i forgot that hard sunken swords cure cancer :upside_down_face:

Dam i need this im on stage 3

this is the worst offer for a headless head i’ve seen in the past 3 months

stage 3 lol your such a noob im on stage 54

oh damn u right mb

:skull: Trade your 3 headless

no go away

oof trading community

Cancer calls buddy

the chemo is making me emo :frowning_face: :disappointed_relieved: :sob:

Most popular trading topic… and really, last summer I saw people trying to buy sunken sword and offered their headless, I lost my headless due to a bug (on other account), so I just think: why not? Maybe these people is still exist. And dont tell about overpaying anymore guys… didnt I already said that?

:rofl: :skull:

go server hop

wow thats a lot of words to bad im not reading em

The joke is that your not overpaying