Trading Hard Vasti and clean exiled armor for clean oathkeeper

clean oathkeeper or an oathkeeper of any enchant im tired of grinding for 3 hours im losing hope xd

maybe add some more stuff to that vast? a lot of people dont want to trade an oath for a vast
at least i wouldnt (probably because i have too many vasts)

even clean axe doesn’t worth clean oat at all, and hard axe is worse. Add

I thought hard vast would be valued more?

Goes powerful > hard > clean > swift. Hard is worth more, be it only a little iirc

hard vast is valued higher than a clean vast

it is. a hard axe has more versatility than a clean axe
good shield that doesnt break, very useful especially if you somehow keep breaking a heavy woj

3 hours? Not nearly enough.

Make that 30 hours and then give up i say

why would you use hard axe if you have heavy woj anyway. And it literally takes an hour to break a shield…
Vast is a weapon. Weapon specializes at dealing damage, not for defensive purpose.
And refer to vast value, I rate it strong > swift > clean > hard. Strong is self explanatory, swift for lower stamina consumption (even it may not be that noticeable).
Such enchantment value rating applies to all melee weapons btw

vastira can be treated as a sheild because of its damage reduction percentage upon blocking + does not break

vastira is a slightly different case because of the statement above. as such, hard is worth higher because of this

hard > strong > clean > swift | strong > hard > clean > swift

(might be wrong)

good block, and its cheaper than a woj

then why does it have 30% blocking power

fair, but a hard vast has far more noticeable uses rather than a swift vast. the low stamina isnt noticeable because you gain stamina during the mighty crash endlag. why would you swing with a vast?

hard oath i believe is considered better than a swift oath
Strong > Clean > Hard > Swift

Strong > Hard > Clean > Swift

sunken swords:
Strong > Swift = Clean > Hard
^^ this is a debated opinion, but might as well add it

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Normally i would mostly agree on this. Overall swift is either equal, has a little more value or has a little less value than clean depending on the trader’s opinion.
But vasts are basically the only relevant exception. Swift does absolutely nothing for a vast which is why it is the worst enchant. A hard vast is a good alternative for a shield and cannot break which in some cases might be very useful.

Still just like what i said for swift, hard is either a little less valuable, equal or more valuable than clean. But hard is 100% not the worst enchant

Almost. If you put strong before hard you would have been 100% correct

Swift is a decent bit more valuable. But both of them are just really bad enchants for oaths so it doesnt really matter much. Other then that good reply yes :mariomug:

i used to use hard oath as shield because it looks cool so i might have some bias :roll_eyes:

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