Trading Headless, SS, Sunken Boots [Closed]

Trading a headless for sunkens,

trading a SS for sunkens/seasonals,

or trading sunken boots for seasonals.


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Strong ss and 2 clean ss for headless?


Sorry, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline.

hi I’m online now

you will not get anything you know how much headlesses are worth

Yeah, normally I wouldn’t trade a Headless (unless I was running out of sunken items to trade for Headlesses), but trading for seasonals, Headlesses, and SS’s the past month brought my sunken count to far, far below acceptable levels. I’d normally trade seasonals, but I’d like to stay above ~500 Halloweens and ~100 July 4ths. Trading SS’s for a profitable amount of armors would take too long and I don’t even want to trade a lot of them away for armors, so it’s kind of an unfortunate necessity.

Also, this is a good opportunity to how Headlesses are valued in actual trading and not speculation.

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I have 2 clean SS, 2 boots (clean, keen), and 2 helmets (clean, keen), would you be interested in trading for these?

casually declines offer of 3 sunken swords

i know nobody would be interested in going above that value for one headless unless they were extremely desperate (nobody is anymore)
its worth a try i guess but i would just say to keep your headlesses. ive heard from a few testers that sunken swords arent good for combos or smth in ao so im anticipating a value drop

Hello , like what sunkens or how many seasonals of halloween for ss

Out of 5 offers so far, only 1 of them’s been below ~3 SS so far which has been a little surprising. I underestimated how the value of the Headless has risen and the value of sunkens fallen.

It likely won’t be enough for a Headless, if that’s what you intended.

It largely depends, although I’d prefer it if we negotiated on Discord currently since forums is very annoying to use on mobile.

Ill be at home in 5 min and ill write u , ok?

Least I’d accept would be 4 sss and that’s even if I’d accept anything (i wouldnt)

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