Trading headless

Looking for a strong sunken sword

hmm you suddenly do have a headless huh

Ya i got 1 from my oath +crowns

bro thats pure luck, who would give a headless for an oath :bruh:

strong sunken sword is worth way more

still available?

I’d prefer the headless + adds for my strong sunken sword tbh. base value the sword is still worth more.

An idiot. I got a headless head for a strong oath before lol

Strong SS isn’t worth it, but I can give a swift SS no adds


What type of adds?

preferably sunkens

got no sunkens atm farming bosses and tryna trade for them though

I can give you a swift ss :nod: It’s a lil downgrade but I’m not making you add :niceman:

whats the difference in damage? like rising tide damage without armour

Not a huge difference unless you use a strong setup.

User? and are u on rn

Gimme like 2 minutes 1v1ing aabraham

We just got ganked twice in the middle of a 1v1

wait nvm, my friend told me to keep it for a bit sorry