Trading lvl 90 nimble sunken helmet for any clean sunken piece except sunken chestplate

I know this probably is a bad deal, but I just hope anybody can offer me a better sunken piece than my nimble sunken helmet. I will accept any sunken piece (also sword) except the breastplate because I already have it. Any good enchantments are welcome, but clean would also do it. Lvl doesn’t matter.

Discord: Accelerator#0060

Unfortunately nimble is considered a bad enchant for all relevant armour in trading other than the minotaur set, so for the buyer giving a clean/good enchant one for your nimble one would be a direct downgrade, you can either throw in more bad enchant sunkens if you have any I guess or a bunch of good enchant boss drops.

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i mean you could get a different bad enchant one for it but other than that it’s probably only worth downgrades

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