Trading maria cloak for maria cape (Completed)

Literally the title
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still looking for her cape?

Yeah… but i can’t trade until morning for me

when would that be for you? or better yet, whats your timezone if you mind sharing it?

IST (GMT+5:30) also

scratch that, i can’t trade till late afternoon

that should work for me too

What time exactly?

late afternoon for you should be early afternoon for me (4 hours and 30 min time difference)
so if youre on at lets say 18:00 then itll be 13:30 for me which works for me. As long as late afternoon doesnt mean 17:40 or earlier for you then it should work out for me. Ill be online for a pretty long time after 17:40

that’s fine for me

Sorry to delay the trade a little but are you available in like 30 minutes from now? Had some issues on my way back home

yeah sure

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Are you in game rn? Ill join you
nvm the question, joining you rn

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