Trading my powerful Sunken Boots for a clean Sunken Chest (Complete)

Changed from clean to powerful

Chestplate is a good bit more valuable than boots. Sorry.

what about a powerful sunken boots then?

If you just enchanted your boots and got powerful, let me first congratulate you, very nice very lucky, second of all, yes, you can definitely get a chestplate for that. You might even get a bursting enchanted one at that, but I’m not totally sure about that one. TLDR, yes you can get a chestplate for that

I got two sunken boots, one clean and one powerful. Just didn’t want to start with the powerful one xD

are u awake

yes, but i traded


Ayo are your clean boots still available?

sry, i want to keep atleast 1 pair of boots

Yeah I can give you bad enchant sunken boots + add if you want to keep a pair of boots.

nah , sry

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