Trading Siren Bows, Sunken Iron and leggings, vidicators and some atlantian weapons

Trading 2x Sirens bows, 2x sunken iron chest and one pair of sunken iron leggings, 2 vidicators, atlantian rapier and atlantian bow(would someone even want this bow??). I’d prefer exotic scrolls in exchange (armored, tempered, powerful, brisk and hasty) but I am very open to offers.

i can trade you some hasty scrolls for your siren bows and scald tooth dagger

i second this

interested in hasty >> siren bows

That looks quite nice, when would you have time to trade?

i can trade now T_T

gg you got some loyal trader guy :crying:

I could hand you a Tempered Scroll for 1 or 2 of your Vindicators

i have time for the next 4 hours or so, or in about 8 hours from now

Sounds good

That’d be quite nice as well

Ah my apologies, did not exactly understand what you were trying to type. If you want the same trade I have multiple siren bows so I can also make it work

since youre online rn, do you have time rn?

Yes I do

alright ill join you once youre in a server

Alright then

Alright, I’ll begin the trade tommorow

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