Trading Strong OathKeeper and Heavy WoJ for Strong SS

KingDube123#0906, I’m in the Vetex Discord

what, strong sunken sword + woj for strong sunken sword?

this a troll?

Fixed, my b

Not worth it, youll need to add a good amount of clean sunkens to make this worth it

Or rip a noob off in game

I seem to have no recollection of giving a FLYING fuck

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My man out here trolling :trollface:

Don’t be rude.

Values exist. Please take the time to know them before posting a trade if you don’t want people helping you.



Man you are such an alpha for not being phased by these experienced traders! Omg you’re so tough! I wanna be like you because you are so thick skinned and stand by your opinions! :weary::weary::weary::weary:


If you guys thought I was serious, you have a bad stuck up mindset, No one is being serious about it, obviously he didn’t care, don’t care for him, now Permission to Speak is Enabled, speak when SPOKEN TOO!!!

bet you took that seriously too

If your statement was satire, I was merely continuing the joke.


shitass trade

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what zero pussy does to an mf

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Oh Go cry about it, keep being sensitive about everything in your life, maybe your dad will stop being a drunk, and your mother might come back to life.

A True Ro-Banger has arrived

Yea u right

(All within a week btw)

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OwO sniffs you owo you are so alpha master, is that Aqua di Gio to mask the smell of your bo after not touching grass for 3 days? Owo meows snuggles you

(this me too fr)

I mean, you could’ve made it a bit more obvious in my opinion. Really, your post looks like someone who wants to trade but doesn’t know values instead of a joke post (that could also just be me not being good at humor and English). Also don’t be rude, not cool.