Trading strong sunken swor!

i want uhh the funny headless but i can take other offers if they GOO d

discor is uhh

3 sunken helmet :epic:

as drama would say;
:crab: shitass trade :crab:

how bout a swift ss and a hard ss? its pretty bad but hey its two sunken swords
ill dm you on discord later if you dont reply here

Ill offer 2 swift sunken swords, 2 clean sunken helmets.

SSS for a headless is an equal trade, pretty sure… correct me if wrong

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werent you the guy who kept saying headless better than sss

a strong sunken sword B)

I don’t remember, if I did I’m incorrect. Most likely in the future especially with the new pity system, headless will eventually be worth more than an SSS, but right now the conditions stay the same

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