Trading strong sunken sword , and buying minos axe

looking for minos axe to buy or trade some items for it (but i would prefer to buy it).
and selling strong sunken sword.

would you take sturdy wall of jericho + sunken adds for the sword, dm EpicSandvichez#6525 and we can negotiate

Ill buy for 1k dm me for negotiation reqiume#3662

Ill trade you 2 swift sunken swords, wall of jericho and 2 mino armors also 1,400 crowns for the strong sunken sword

you can have my oathkeeper and all my money for the strong sunken. Discord: Vanbruh#6824

I have Stron Axe lvl 80 for Strong sunken ok??

Dm me MauraClay#8893

Dm me Maura#8893 i mean

2k for it my dis is Professor Bruh #7875

sunken sword is gone sorry guys

What did you trade it for?

for the sword I would trade minos axe and wall of jericho

Would give a strong sunken chest plate or strong axe possibly.
I have a good inventory, dm me and let’s negotiate.

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