Trading strong sunken sword and other sunkens for boss drops

Trading strong sunken sword, bursting sunken helm, keen sunken helm, and hard sunken sword.

DMs Leo.#6812

Dont try to lowball/scam me :fr:

Bruh… how many sunkens and boss drops are you looking for?

Probably looking for a headless

he said he looking for boss drop you dumbass :skull:
(not sorry)

Oh shit I’m blind I genuinely can’t read this is the second time it’s happened



he’s not even gonna specify the approx. you should give

so like just offer him 10 minotaur helmets worth guys

shut up drama, go back ur own highway this is mine :angry:

what you want B)

he wont answer since he wants u to overtrade

i give you forceful mino hat you give me strong ss

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