Trading Strong sunken sword ( And swift sunken helm, nimble sunken chest and boots)

Mostly trading strong sunken sword dm me at frezatel#4400

Why do you want to trade your strong ss so bad?
I would take it, but all I can offer is a hard ss, a clean mino chest and a clean mino legs LOL


I offer swift ss and strong oath :niceman:

I am quite poor lol. I just infamy farm now, I rarely ever fight bosses for loot. :hungry:

I’ve got 8 boss drops on one file, 50 or so on another, swift ss hard sunken chestplate 2 headless head :shrug: I’ve got more boss drops but I’m too lazy to count :swag:

then you have that one dude with 78 sunkens and 30 headless heads lol

I just keep one of every boss drop on my (only) file. So when TGR comes out, I can get the new items. Otherwise, I keep other items for trading. Sadly, I got horrid luck. So I just don’t bother farming anymore. I only kill Exiled if he notices me running while I’m looking for another guild.

I have like 10 pieces of each piece of exiled armor :man_shrugging:

I can do bursting & swift sunken helm for your chest.

tbh you’re kinda down grading.

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