Trading Strong sunken sword (SOLD)

Mhm, you saw that right.

LF, sunken gear (hard enchants preferably) and what ever else you can offer too

Dm at Mr Bad#8207

I could offer a clean oathkeeper lvl 80,swift vastira lvl 80 sunken helmet lvl 80 sunken leggings and lvl 70 sunken helmet(all sunken gear is clean)

I’ll get bk to u getting mre offers

im offering 1 swift oath 1 clean oath n a sturdy WOJ?

The offer above you is better, so I’m going to have to decline

ill offer my strong sunken blade

200 iq trade

best offer right? lmao

i’ll give cash if you want a lot for that

Loool Rwt?

a high five PLUS PLUS wait hear me out PLUS

A fist bump

lifetime offer

take it or take it

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i want it, gimme

Tempting indeed…

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