Trading stuff

7x Both American Items
Nimble Minotaur Chestplate + Boots
Swift Oathkeeper
Sunken Chestplate
Sunken Helmet

heh your file is hidden I can’t dm.
Anyway how do you value headless?

He values it like everyone else


what box said
dude knows values

he’s a joke :trol:


I’ll give 2 strong oaths for your sunken helm

Hard sunken helm, hard sunken chest, powerful sunken helm, and bursting sunken leggings for your headless

sheet ur desperate now lmfao

What would you like for Americans?

You gotta do what you gotta do

Bro I swear you’ve been trying to get a headless for at least 3 months now :sob:

obligatory headless bad joke here

Nah, it hasnt been anywhere near 3 months

It’s ok to admit it bro, stay strong you got this :fist: :sob:


is that a good offer

Ask someone else, my opinion would be considered bias.

But yes, i personally think so.