Trading sunken gear for sunken gear

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hi im trying to get bursting/hard enchant sunken pieces
trading keen sunken helmet for hard/bursting/clean sunken helmet
trading keen sunken legs for hard/bursting/clean sunken legs
trading bursting sunken chest for hard sunken chest
i am willing to talk it out and add additional boss pieces/weapons depending on the enchant of the sunken piece

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sadly keen is a bad enchant for sunkens valuewise while hard/bursting/clean are all pretty valuable. You will need to add a few more sunkens to make such a trade worth it.

Bursting chestplate isn’t worth a hard chestplate either. You should do a little lurking before posting bad trades…

ah mk thanks for the info!

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wow im so sorry for taking up your screen real estate lmao

I’ll be honest I have no idea what that means

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