Trading Sunken Helmet and Leggings for Exiled Sword Or Sunken Sword ( Closed )

Trading Sunken Helmet and Leggings for Exiled Sword Or Sunken Sword.
Dm my Discord if you’re interested Electric Taco#3996

i’ll take you up on that??

Splish splash

Your offer is trash

Sunken helmet and leggings for an Oathkeeper is an extremely good deal though
For the sunken sword, not so much

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Oh well, somebody probably stalked the marketplace and traded with him already, it happens

Dont trade the sunken for an oath

You can get so much better with it

Why do people event want Sunkens

We all know boss drops and Headlesses are gonna be unobtainable and that Sunkens will lower in demand for being outclassed

  • theyre rare
  • can be very good in some builds
  • theyre sunkens :troll:

A few reasons that would possibly explain it are:
1: The difficulty of obtaining sunken items
2: The usefulness of sunken items in gameplay (although this might only apply to sunken armor pieces with PvP-based enchantments)
3: A lot of players aren’t thinking that long-term, which is justifiable considering sunken items will be relevant for at least a year, and maybe a little while after AO’s release

Also, it’s not certain that current boss items will be compensated as unobtainable items

Now that’s just misinformation, there was nothing about boss drops becoming unobtainable :sleeper:

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