Trading Sunken Swords for Headless


  • 1x Strong Sunken Sword
  • 1x Hard Sunken Sword
  • 1x Swift Sunken Sword
  • 1x Vastira
  • 1x Sturdy WoJ
  • 1x Clean WoJ
  • 1x Exiled Helmet
  • 1x Minotaur Armor

Looking For:



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youll need a lot more than that to get a headless nowadays
unless you find someone in game if youre lucky

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4 sss moment

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i might take this actually. do you have any other sunkens?


or just huge value moment tbh, cant really describe headless value rn

If I was gonna accept it I’d only accept 4 sss+

Hi Maple, I have a sunken chestpiece as well that I didn’t list but I can trade it if you would like.

sure, ill take the trade then
i can trade on saturday, is that fine with you?

welp seems i was proven wrong :skull:
wish i didnt trade 5 sunken swords for my friends headless now

He got lucky lol

ye ik but still

Yeah, it’s uniquely difficult to find the price of an item that’s generally not being sold.

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