Trading swift sunken sword and a lot of other good loot for clean/strong sunken sword

strong wizard robes
hard wizard robes
american sunglasses and cap
clean wizard robes
destructive wizard pants
white cape
wizard hat
swift dull magic speed amulet
bursting poor magic size amulet
nimble poor agility amulet
strong poor power amulet
destructive dull destruction amulet
hard poor power amulet
destructive poor destruction amulet
travellers backpack
black hood
strong dull agility amulet
clean dull casting speed amulet
clean dull agility amulet
clean dull knockback amulet

10 clean dull defense amulets 135 each

trading swift sunken sword, a heck ton of good amulets, good wizard armor, and rare fish for strong sunken sword/clean sunken sword

disc is eeeeee#4458

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