Trading the whole king calvus set with strong, also trading explosion cannon

Trading the Whole Strong King calvus set, also trading explosion cannons for ships.

Sunken sword (wanna negotiate a little) fork#0572

I have two pulsar scrolls and duplicates of other boss armor

colossal golden squid

-10x axe slash scroll
-fair intensity amulet
-swift fair attack speed amulet
-fair agility amulet
-fair power amulet
-argos cape
-elius cape
-lance of loyalty
-elius boots
-every dull amulet
-gold shovel
-2x ravenna apostle gi
-american seasonals
-2x lucky scrolls
-4x sturdy scrolls
-nimble scroll
-load of galleons

any of these for calvus legs, crown, or mantello?

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how many galleons do you have
i would like to sell you collosal squid
1600? 1700? maybe less maybe more


Lance of loyalty 110+ Its clean For just the crown Soap#4350

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