Trading various items

Attack Size amulets (2x fair, 2x dull)
Intensity amulets (3x fair)
Agility amulets (2x fair,1x dull)
Attack Speed amulets (1x fair, 2x dull)
Power amulets (1x fair, 1x dull)
Cape of Ravenna Loyalty 1x
Ravenna Apostle Faulds 1x
Ravenna Apostle Gi 1x
Ravenna Noble Armor 1x
Bronze Chainmail shirt 1x
Ravenna Centurion armor 3x
Titanium armor 5x
Steel Armor 2x
Calvus boots 1x
Argos boots 1x
Ravenna Apostle boots 1x
Titanium leggins (1x hard, 1x strong, 5x clean)
Vindicator 1x
Sanguine 1x
Noble Thunderspear 1x
Lance Of Loyalty 1x
Kai’s sabre 5x
Ravenna Greatsword 17x
Ravenna War Shields (2x sturdy, 4x hard, 10x clean)
Various other weapons, hammers, swords, claws, guns, etc.
Golden Shovel 11x
Silver Shovel 11x
Bronze Shovel 5x
Pulsar 5x
Axe-slash 5x
Enchantment scrolls:
Bursting 6x
Amplified 11x
Strong 4x
Swift 2x
Luring 9x
Lucky 8x
Nimble 2x
Sturdy 2x
Magnetic 6x

Mostly looking for Sunken Set Pieces
Hard enchantment scrolls

For any questions, DM me:
The Cool Fly/Крутая Муха#5033

how about a hard enchantment scroll + 500 galleons for calvus boots?

Ok, deal

sorry i just now saw this, join me at tadetadetade2 i cant leave cuz im with friends

I’ll trade an Archon Quartz amulet (Cernyx amulet) + 1k galleons for a fair power amulet, strong scroll and amplified scroll
DM at ProDucky#8078 if interested and I’m willing to negotiate

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