Trading woj

trading clean woj for clean mino and exile legs


give me your user and its a deal

I will beat you to it :niceman:

I saw it first 20 minutes after it was posted, I just didn’t want it trollege

eh, dnc

Dammit y am I missing out on all the good trades??? cough I didn’t get a headless for a strong oath cough

no. We all just abandon wom

if anyone is online my username is gleamingstarters1. sorry i was sleeping

wake up

yes but now you gone lol

you there wanna trade i stilll havent traded it

I’m so sad I don’t have clean exiled legs :frcryin: Could I give you a mino chestpiece instead or something?

Nevermind I managed to get my hands on some clean exiled legs if you still wanna do it? @kingrevolution


Alright join a game and I’ll warp to you, my user is “The_elment”

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