Travis Scott?!?!

The history of Travis Scott multiverse, if you spot travis on other places, put the picture on comments.

First apparition.

Second apparition.

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aint no way! :scream:

Yo lemme get his fans

Which cemetary though


nah bro :skull:

bro can turn from a warrior to a mage but cant level up once :frcryin:

dang, I hope nobody dies of crush asphyxia

welcome to this shit place

also goodbye since you’re probably gonna be banned soon :+1:

Good joke and all but, say goodbye because you’re getting banned.
If you want reasons say it here before ur ban.

Edit: He isn’t underaged mb but now I have a different job (Tho the other moderators might not know yet :skull:)

why am i getting banned

Actually the ban message might let you know
Run before they find you…

This is a certified web roblox moment

oh no bro watch out, the people who’ve admitted to being underage while using the forum after they turned 13 are on your ass

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Character development
He awoke his plasma/purple lightning magic and became a dark wizard. Abandoning his bandit ways in the process (while staying the same level lol)

Traves scot


I was on like every underage even though I was the underaged myself.
I’m on every little children’s ass
Alright, that sounded very wrong.

Yes and thank you