Trees unwholesome alter ego

i need context.

ps don’t take him seriously, he tried the same shit on me :troller:

Yep, right here

Have you ever heard of a fucking joke? Stop trying to make me look like a shitty person for something you know I’m not serious about, I don’t even know in the slightest how to IP log nor would I IP log you useless people

calm down, i can handle actual situations.

plus you might hurt your rep again, i dont want that.

No I’m tired of this shit, I’m not that bad of a person, people can’t take a fucking joke

Relax, I know it’s just a joke

I’ve already hurt my reputation enough because of this cesspool of dumbfucks misunderstanding my garbage

You are literally feeding into this shit, just stop trying

calm down, im trying to asses the situation.

if im reading this right it looks like people are throwing shit to you again because they thought you passed an ip logger.

this is a misunderstanding on a side, calm down and we can be civil.

Yeah, someone asked for the TGR details post, I accidentally copied and pasted the whole post in news and deleted it and some dumb bitch called me an ip logger

how would that lead to an ip logger?

I don’t fucking know, everyone in fucking general doesn’t have a goddamn brain

yea stay away from general, i tried to get level 20 once, safe to say im never going to get it.

also if anyone brings up the tree wars.
this is clearly a reference to the popular game among us. Clearly a joke
oh yea and the other tree understood it was a joke.

Alright, Tree, this looks like misunderstandment again, the first person calling you an “ip loger” was being a dumbass, and people started mocking him. It seems like you took the mocking pushed toward you, when in reality it was meant for the dumbass kid who said the mistake you made was an ip loger.

Can we all just stop wanting to kill tree now?
we all make mistakes, and a problem with conveying information is the most common, alright?

uh, I wasn’t being serious, it’s just the contrast between you and the other tree that I found funny lol. I wasn’t trying to make fun of you

Wow Tree, after you clearly stating that you’re an IP Logger, I will never look at you the same again

:frcryin: :frpensive:

im da bomba

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yeah mfers dont make the tree bark

The real question is how exactly somebody had trouble finding Savaria when Roran literally says that the island is directly behind him.