Trello hasn't been updated lately, but we can still see progress on some things!

Public Trello hasn’t been updated in a hot minute, but we can see evidence of more stuff being done in the new dev update.

Like the shipwrecks!

And as you might be able to see, some of the sharks are outlined in pink, in the screenshots. Since there’s a shark detection potion, this might mean that potions and brewing could be complete as well!

The dev update mentions “next weekend”, for a release date, but did he mean this weekend, or the weekend after that?

What are you most excited for?

  • Potions and Brewing
  • Sunken Structures and Shipwrecks
  • Easter Event
  • Other

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Stat reset so I can play conjurer

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hold on since potions aren’t coming out this update how are we supposed to actually loot these diving spots and structures

For the deeper ones idk
But youll be able to stay underwater for 2x longer next update (air drains slower) so that should help with the not so deep diving spots/shipwrecks

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If it’s next weekend (not this weekend) then he has one more week to do potions which, in theory, could be possible.
Potions also means he might opt to do dark seas instead of gems, but we also need to keep in mind he has to do the v1.12 combat changes for this update too.



air drain was halved this update

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there’s no potions yet

this is a leaf

Look at the middle egg too, now I’m confused on if there are potions or not because it’d be odd to not talk about them in the patch notes.

Maybe he added like water breathing, shark repel, shark detection, etc. but none of the others?

oh that IS a shark definitely.

Vetex probably just didn’t mention them, like with ship attachments.

I dunno why he didn’t mention them, but waterbreathing makes some sense since it was mentioned that deep points require one. I bet that damage enhancing potion is also added since white eyes scales exist already

We have no reason to believe that Potions won’t be coming with this update. It’s on the Trello and shouldn’t be difficult to complete before the release of the update at all: the entirety of the system is already planned out. Every catalyst (aside from a select few) are already in the game. The leveling system is already in the game. Certain reagents are already in the game, and others shouldn’t be hard to add, as they’re just going to spawn at diving spots and underwater structures. All he has to do is work on coding the effects and add cauldrons around the map.

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plus majority of potions effects being Elemental Based so there’s plenty of stuff that can be reused

really hope that it makes it in because it seems possible, but who knows

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