Trevillee United Army (I made a fictional organization)

“Hey, hey! Look who stumbled into the wolves’ den! No, no, we’re not terrorists. We’re…uh…actually, I’ve no idea. Whatever you call us, I guess. Freedom fighters, partisans, militiamen. I suppose you can use the word terrorists if you really hate us. Anyways, we’ll let you go if you want. We just need a little tiny favor: don’t tell anyone we exist. Alright? Fantastic! Now scram.”

“Oh? You want to learn about us? Fine. I suppose I’m authorized to disclose a few informational tidbits. First, we’re not the only ones. There’s a whole lot of us across the world. Second, we can’t tell you what we do, but we can tell you what we offer. There’s several complexes that we own which are identical to the one you’re standing in. As part of our way to make some money and supply our forces, we got a little toy down in here for clients and armorers to fiddle around. Care to take a look?”

“Okay, you back from browsing around? Good. Now hold still for an amnestic.”

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can you guys help us deal with our monsters?

(im from the massacre)

Mfw the first pistol options is the GSP and Zip 22

Also what warrants the 417 being in the marksman section? There’s plenty of Rifles I saw that can also be classified as a marksman rifle, like the Scar H

Scar-H is a battle rifle, if you want the marksman there’s already a gun fully dedicated to that (Scar-ssr, which is literally “Sniper Support Rifle”). HK417 is a marksman because I read about the US Army M110A1 CSASS and M110A1 SDMR, so I just smacked it in there since both the Germans and Americans used it as a marksman.

I guess you could make a point for Mini-14 and maybe even the SKS but I have this subconscious itch where I gotta have everything in the marksman category fire at least a full-power cartridge. But then again VSS Vintorez exists so guess Im a funky monkey.

To your previous point, each category starts from weakest to strongest. .22 LR is the weakest, so you’d expect .22 LR pistols to appear there. Before you say I rip all this off PF, I’m getting most of this from FW’s youtube channel which the devs of PF also like to piggyback off of a lot.

can you beat saul goodman in court tho :face_with_monocle:

I cant beat gaul moodsan no matter how hard I try

skill issue :frpensive:

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goofy ah

the HK417 can also be a battle rifle because it has the option to have a CQB/Carbine Barrel like the Scar-H

The 417 and Scar-H are extremely similar when it comes to their roles. They both have CQB options and separate Marksman rifle models as you mentioned. That’s why I specifically mentioned the Scar-H. Personally, I would add the SSR and M110A1 separately while the base 17 and 417 are in Rifles

I agree with the Marksman Category mainly being filled with full power cartridges, despite the fact that multiple Marksman Rifles in 5.56 exists. I think it just boils down to “You can make use of a 5.56 and 7.62x39mm as a DMR, but there are better options to snipe people with”

lmao you’re fine I get it, I was just surprised seeing 22lr options in an Army’s Arsenal