Trignofan's biusness™ ghuige

sorry for ntot telling u this guys. but ig ot to say it now.

i am a biusnessman. truly. they call me the big money, the stock destroyer.
so here is my guide on how to Business™

okay forst part is world of magic

  1. making yiour decision: shop or buyer
    this should sound relatively simple, you can either sell items as a shop owner or trade the big shops
    now getting a shop is harder because theres like what 3 monopolies in the marketplace?
    so most likely you’re gonna buy from the mega shops unless you can grind nolife tiers of boss items and sunkens

  2. more info
    if you want to get a shitton (DONT TELL MY MOM I SDWORE GUYS) of items you should boss farm, or fish if u want sunken, and trade thicc shops for that profit :moneybag:

  3. enchant agony
    now this is a common situation. mosto f the time when you get a vluable item it can get like keen or swift. at this point, if you get 4 sunken items and they’re all bad enchant, i got a good suggestion and its called uninstall roblox player. your luck is just that bad

here is genral business™ tips
dont overpay too much
dont trade crowns (they’re useless!!!)
also nobody trades headless. they just dont. even if ur offer is like good enchant sunkens, they dont. i dont know why. but they dont.
and lastly dont get a bad reputation or nobodi gonna trade u

ill make a different busienss™ guide for ad iffernet game

thank you SO SO SOS O SO SO SOS OS OSOSOSOSOSOOSOSS much for readind this it mean a lot to me :heart:

People don’t trade their headlesses due to their future inflation as sunkens become less and less valuable, while this limited become more and more.

why woul.d you want a headless besides for vlaue (Stocks)

you could get a free headless and to obtain it you can go to france during a revolution

ngl if vetex deletes headless in tgr (he probably wont) all the overpricers will weep and we can laugh at headless owners

Because headless heads will be worth so much in the future, possibly as much as primordial magics.

Vetex will not delete the Headless Head in the next update. If he does, everyone can make fun of this comment.

It’s extremely unlikely.

ngl i kinda hope headless become obtainable every halloween because valuable items should at least be beneficial to your stats, opposed to something that jsut “OOOH MY HEAD GONE AYO CHECK THIS SHIT OUT YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

Trading community would have uproars if Headless became obtainable again. It’s a very valuable item and a pinnacle of valuable trading.

pinnacle of trading while no mf trades it

trading for a headless is a bad idea because you’ll be 70 years old before someone trades you one

Nobody trades it since there’s not really much to trade it for atm. Since the Headless heads in circulation will not increase in quantity, it will become more valuable as other constantly obtainable items grow in number as they are grinded for. The traders are waiting for more rare and valuable items to be added to trade the heads, as they are technically a wild card to get anything you want.

people say they’ll trade it for a primordial scroll but i dont think they know that’s probably coming in 2022

Most likely. The longer the headless stays in our inventories, the better. It gets more valuable over time, and will eventually be most likely one of the most valuable things.

Once primordials come out and such, you won’t be able to trade your headless, but as more scrolls get in circulation that would be a valid trade, since Headless is unobtainable besides this.

as the world of magic/arcane odyssey becomes more and more interested in pvp im very sure that players will want to keep their scrolls to use them in pvp rather than trade it for an item that gives 0 beneficial stats

nah nah
itll def return next halloween event, making its price drop quite a huge chunk before rising and going back down
and if it doesnt well thats just gonna be annoying for people who want it for vanity

I guess we’ll see if it’s confirmed or not.

hopefully it is so headless doesnt ruin the economy entirely because ‘‘hmmm useless vanity with no head ooo it unobtainable i will now pay the equivalent to the globe’s debt for it’’

Hmmmm, could get interesting. If that happened, people who traded valuable items for headlesses before they were rare would feel very ripped off, and the trading community (especially those with lots of headlesses, trading in days of work for those) would be upset.

i mean i feel like it should be like it gets harder to obtain one every event so timmy110012 who only played for an hour cant get it and get loads of rare ass items because its only available annually

Hmmmm. I make a poll about this?