Trivia for Pokemon fans

What is the strongest pokemon in Sw/Sh.

Hint 1: It is a dragon type
Hint 2: It is not a legendary
Hint 3:Im trolling you dont get a 3rd hint
First person to get this right wins 1k galleons(Im broke lol)

Edit: If no one gets it ima give it to Warm

Edit: Platinum wins

I have done insane math and found insane damage possible in some coincidence(though there may be errors, I dont know the priority of things that can boost damage

I believe you mean dragapult

but the actual strongest is calyrex shadow or surging strikes urshifu and you just can’t seem to live with it

Nope. You can guess forever is you wish

I have a doc so lemme dig it up and copy the stuff

it is calyrex shadow/surging strikes urshifu

this isn’t a guess this is just a fact

Well if you are insanely lucky, one attack can deal 16k at 4x effective(I am scaling off the base power from move description)

fuck you talkin about, shuckle?

ahha you wont guess this in a million years

Ill dm you the answer hang on… unless you wanna continue


Probably Dracovish?

You are the winner

Base damage=85

Moving first=170

Mystic water, or sea or wave incense=204

Strong Jaw ability=306


Critical hit=688.5

STAB: 1032.75

6 time attack boost=4131

Not very effective ÷2=2065.5

Not very effective ÷4=1032.75

Super effective x2=8262

Super effective x4=16524

Max amount of damage possible:16524


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