Troll Dew

I imagine some of you may be familiar with troll dew. Well after barely seeing them, they hit rookie?

quite sus if u ask me

Next day - sees them on leaderboard

Day after - overtakes suncry

yeah fr. These people all had negative infamy like 3 days ago, I don’t see them and now, they are a rookie guild.

alt farmers skill issue ez vetex ban pls

I’ve met these guys before and they’re pretty chill, but it is incredibly strange that they’re rookie already. They don’t really hunt and from what I’ve seen they haven’t been around for very long.

I recognize the leaders username

These guys are some random guild. I’ve killed them a fair bit for infamy.
So no way did these people get rookie legit.
I swear we’re finding heaps more guilds breaking the rules now. Cancel culture coming to the forums.

New alt farming guild every week! Don’t miss out!

yuh fr.

One of my guildmates actually knows one of the dudes in the guild named VenomousJek. Wonder if it’s worth it trying to confront 'em or not.

they perform a minute amount of tomfoolery

They do a minuscule proportion of mischief

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The accustomed individuals display an atomic percentage of vexatious mishap.


My own conscience displays vague concern towards the previous dialogue, as in quite ludicrous wisdom, indubitably.

haha nerd

man i like how all of u are accusing them of alt farming with 0 proof lol

this is just my suses.

sorry not everyone mainly misinput

Troll dew started like 2 days ago (April 25th)
Post was on 27th

we had a war with them on the 23rd and they were already rookie at the time so you’re lying lol