Trolling my friend in WoM

I have a friend in school who also has discord and played roblox. I basically always talked about World of Magic and he wanted to play it since he had never played before so we jumped onto Discord and I introduced to the game. But since he was a new player, it was easy for me to troll him because I am a bad friend.

1st, the classic troll, taking his quest.

2nd, he fell into the bit of sea in between Riverville and Mount Seawatch and I laughed as he drowned.

3rd, I told him to hit a Magic Council soldier at Silent Tower, he did so and died. He kept doing it until he started swimming down the river and escaped.

4th, In Ironport, he needed to give a quest but while he was doing his quest, he got a bounty, so his quest giver would run away. I would tell him to kill the NPC. He did and the Magic Council jumped him.

Also Fighting Update is coming soon and Building Update is pushed back? Fuck yeah.

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Ultimate troll.

Wom first speedrun but my friend hate me