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twitter user moment

It was still going after the music finished

no julie i wont call you :weary:self



You can’t… you can’t jack both of em’

There are just… so many mutually exclusive labels in there.

I have no clue what the fuck a “demiboy” is but it sounds badass, where do I sign up


Fairly certain it means something like “somebody who doesn’t fully align with masculinity but still prefers it over feminine presentation” but labeles can get iffy and personal really fast so don’t take my word for it.

damn, I just wanted to identify as Hercules or sumn

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I mean who’s gonna stop you from referring to yourself as a demigod, they’d be going against the word of a demigod after all!

don’t wanna

bro what

sorry I had a stroke trying to read the 99999999999999999999 labels


That Genderhoarder role is perfect for them :/

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have mercy

don’t add power to them