Typ0's weird fictional universe


am I ripping off cryonical?


but uh I have a weird little world of my own with it’s own stories and lore and stuff

Here’s the trello so that’s cool

not a lot but I’m adding more

but yeah.

I dunno what to talk about first :skull:


The trello is private


I have the laziest descriptions ever but thats okay

wow my first trello board

added some more stuff

I’ll get to explaining a lot of things but atm I am listing down some random events that I have made in comics or made references to in my drawings

What happened to Project Blue Rock?

oh that’s planned dw

probably gonna be integrated into my universe but just slightly different

added it

added more things

As someone who avidly makes fictional universes on trello, i can confirm that Cryonical actually created the idea of fiction and also made trello, so yes :pensive:

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Could you make it a bit more detailed?

Uhh yeah I invented fiction, worldbuilding, and am the trello CEO. Sorry bro, I’m going to have to sue you now.

oh no :sob:

oh no I need my lawyer

hello? yes I’d like to get in touch with my lawyer mr phoenix wright

There’s a certain something that happens to be a tad bit effective against ice, just so you know…

har har

anyways after I draw I’ll add more lore

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added a ton of new stuff so go check it out.

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How many of us have created trellos for fictional universes anyway? I count four in this topic alone.

added hecto’s goofy choofy racist military group and shadecrawler forest’s description.

added dragons to races as well

not sure what to add next so give suggestions

added @Ezia’s description :sleeper:

@Cryonical proofread it just to make sure it’s accurate