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ok me done with this topic B)

At best is hard sunken helm or clean boots

Only boss gear you’ll get for sunkens are oaths or WoJs, also strong sunken armor is basically just clean sunken armor so :fr:

im a cracked haggler just got 2 sets of level 90 clean mino and a level 90 oath for the strong sunken chest piece B)

my man that was wayy undderrrrr for the dude you traded so get scammed :clown_face:

A hard sh is more valuable than everything he had combined since it’s like the best enchant

Also level doesn’t matter when trading

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I’m just gonna say this. Minotaur armor is one of the least-valued boss drops in-game, meaning that the minotaur helmet has the worse boss value in-game. And a clean oath is not bad but that won’t get you a sunken chest piece. Also, a chest plate is one of the most valued pieces of any armor and a strong sunken chest piece is slightly lower than clean, at least it’s not any other enchantment. So all you’re technically gonna get is some boss drops that are exiled.

Levels don’t matter by the way due to codes crashing the economic system and an inflation of crowns.

Do u mean least

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out.

No problem just don’t wanna confuse him

Damn bro I wish I was the haggler that did the trade with you :mariomug:

dang i guess i really did commit dang
but i didnt really want the sunken piece anyway B)))

Bro it’s still a sunken piece. No matter the value you just got scammed.

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SUNKEN IS SUNKEN!!! Its worth so much

yeah but i like scamming my self!!!

guys who wants to scam me please

uh uh uh w/l

heyyyy man can uh @Derp can you uh tell me if win is yes?