Undeniable proof that ash is winning

turn graphics to 1 and ash ez

Light is de best Magic

Change my mind

Also anything that is bad about light does not count

Ash with 1.25x size winning

true. also ash clouds bypass rep barrier and you dont get fined if you kill people with it :nod: i just killed an MC soldier by doing 20 blasts on the ground until the dot cloud got obscenely large and a guy got trapped in it

I killed King David that way once lol

nah fam poison on top


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Ash Gang can’t wait to beat up Arsen

true. arsen = dead. only losers pick ash magic to cosplay arsen. true swaglords pick ash to cosplay slave knight gael

kind of sad, because right now any not heavy magic just got shat on.

what do you mean, you don’t have a magic damage multiplier of at least 1?

Looks like you’re going to brazil to do half of everyoen elses damage and fuckign die

wait so ash isnt winning? wtf