Unique sets for other sea activities

Unique sets for other sea activities
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Pretty strange how, outside of the dark sea, only fishing and diving get unique incentives, and even the diving ones are just the same as the fishing ones and require the most barebones diving spots to get

What if every major sea activity had its own set to encourage people to do them?

Diving Spots - Abyssal Scalemail
Comes with a hood, chestpiece, and leggings as well as the Obulus Rod, a fishing rod with a glowing hook. Every catch functions as if it were at nighttime, plus other bonuses. These can be gotten from diving spots below a certain depth so you can’t just find some surface level spot, kill one shark, and then leave with the loot. It would be considerably more powerful than sunken due to the extra effort it takes to get.

Sea Monsters - Whalebone armor and Grim Leather Armor
The whalebone armor comes with chest plate, greaves, and a whalebone club, a strength weapon for warlords. It is dropped rarely by blue whales and cachalots. The grim leather set is dropped by white eyes, though the drop chance is higher, and yet higher on giant ones. Comes with armor, boots, and a preserved eye amulet

Merchants - Velvet Set
Comes with a suit, pants, and a top hat and maybe eyepatch. These are sold by merchant deckhands or merchant ships. Actually being sold isn’t that rare, maybe 1/10, but they have a pretty high price which makes up for their lack of rarity. This would encourage players to actually have the merchant deckhands and actually interact with the merchant ships instead of ignoring them

Bounty Hunting - Elite Outlaw Set
Comes with a jacket, boots, as well as a hat and a pistol. Rare drop from Bronze Sea criminals. Each sea would have a rare drop set from its criminal NPCs. Currently these criminals drop like 50 galleons and some fame, and maybe an item you can get from a silver chest so unique rewards would be a good incentive.

Castaways - Patchwork Mage Set and Scavenger Spade
Now why would we have an incentive system for castaways? Idk, why do we need one for fishing? These would have the same chance that a castaway has to give you a legendary fish, maybe rarer. The Scavenger Spade has a unique trait where chests it digs up CAN drop more charts, though it’s functionally the same as bronze

Stuff we don’t need more incentives for but would be sweet to have (low priority)

Ship Combat - Barnacle Set
Comes with a jacket, boots, and hat. Similar to captain set but barnacles. Has a very small chance to drop from chests that spawn on a ship, and also has a 1/100 chance to drop from lost cargo. This is the least important since ship combat is already highly incentivized.

Treasure Charts - Pressurized Armor
Comes with a helmet, armor, and boots as well as an earthen hammer. They appear to be growing diamonds on them. Very rare drop from charts. If diving spots can get mods and a set, so can charts

Cargo - [Product] Tycoon Badge
When selling cargo from one city, you have a 1/2000 chance to get that city’s Tycoon Badge. They are
Redwake - Fishpacking Tycoon Badge
Frostmil - Ice Tycoon Badge
Palo Town - General Goods Tycoon Badge
Shell Island - Whaling Tycoon Badge
Ravenna - Bronze Tycoon Badge

These would give different stats and you can only have one badge at once. They would all be relatively equal in power, but Nimbus Sea ones would be stronger and equal to each other, etc for every sea


it would be so cool it would be so awesome

I like this suggestion a lot! It gives incentive to actually do stuff in the game but there are small problems.

I would like this more if it had some sort of pity so you wouldn’t just do cargo for several hours straight just cus you’re unlucky. Thats all I could really find that would need changing!!
Very nice 10/10 would :nod: again

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make tycoon badges obtainable by simply selling enough things to merchants of that place, eg selling 20,000 galleons worth of items for 1 tycoon badge

I like most of these (especially the Whalebone Club; sort of strange that the only Strength Weapons are boss drops), but the Abyssal Scalemail being stronger than Sunken because of “the extra effort it takes to get?” Just find a sea chart or Obolus hoard (assuming you’re combining Diving Points with Underwater Structures).

I also don’t think the “tycoon badges” are thought-out at all. If anything, we just need a badge for selling a concerning amount of cargo like True Captain making you spend at least an hour in the Dark Sea (including trip to Insanity I, the 40 minutes in there, and the trip back).

The main seas do need major incentives to stay in them, though. I don’t think Lost Magic/Fighting Style scrolls will cut it.

i would say ‘make 2k galleon worth of profit’ instead of that, so not everything is purely RNG

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