Unlucky player killer

Player Killer
In general, this person attacked me while I was fishing with a friend, but as a result, he began to run away and left the game. If you are farming in the game at the moment or looking for someone to kill, then here is your goal.

bro got doxxed

Someone has a killing service, and the first kills free. Might want to check something like that out too.

Interesting. But this dude already got what he has deserved. Anyway he will just combat log or run away if someone tries hunt him down.

If he already got karma, then why make him suffer more? To be honest that makes you look like the douche here

His karma is this thread. So I don’t make him suffer more.

If he “already got what he deserved”, then what’s this?

The existence of this topic is what he deserves. The shameful truth about him. I didn’t do anything else.

You’re asking a whole community of players to kill him. All he did was attack you. Is that justified?

Nope. This post was to keep you alert when you see him, I don’t need help to kill him. I think its better to move in personal messages if you need.

I do not ask, but I warn that if you see such a player on the server, then be prepared for the fact that he will attack you.
If I see him again, I’ll deal with him myself.

Stop making drama out of it. I already understood that it was not necessary to make this topic, because there are a lot of people like him and they do not deserve so much attention. If I could, I would have deleted it a few hours after the creation of this topic, and so I have to justify myself to you in my actions.

Next time I will just go to his profile and catch the moment when he is in the game.

yo i ran out of popcorn reading these replies

Sure. Then bye

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im surprised by the amount of doodoo skill rkers in wom rn

Could be fun to return for a bit and go hunting

To be fair, I did the exact same thing.
Some dude came and killed my level 70~ weapons only file, twice, so I joined on my main file and packed him up, repeatedly. Then I made a post about the dude.

It’s fun when you know what you’re hunting for and when you know that you are not someone’s prey. Great words

He didn’t killed anyone, he tried, so its different things. + We didn’t killed him too cuz he ran and left the game. (You had more motivation and reasons for revenge than we are.)
Well, I just mean its hard to compare.

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