Venting about Adopt me for practically no given reason 2: electric shampoo

im going to be honest i STILL dont like adopt me
you know the biggest flaw of adopt me is it’s community.

it has arguably one of the worst communities on roblox known to exist. it has scammers in every corner, and hell there’s even scam games devoted to scamming little adopt me kids.
the adopt me team really did only a single update to prevent the scams and nothing else
the other part of the adopt me community is braindead 2 year old toddlers that do nothing but fall for the “totally legit” trust trades

second part, the content
there’s no updates that change the flow of content to make it less boring. updates are usually just decorations depending on the nearest holiday, or just a reskinned pet

third part, the effort
there’s no effort in adopt me. it might of taken some time to make the game, that is correct, but after the game released all they’ve done that requires effort is

literally fucking nothing

adopt me is aids

It’s not marketed towards our age group. Assuming most people in the forums are aged 14-20.

Actually, there’s a lot more effort put into Adopt Me than you think. There are literally 38 developers being paid full salaries.

yeah first time i heard that i could barely believe it honestly

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dont care

as long as it stops laging the servers its fine

It’s also ROBLOX’s fault for not buying better servers. :man_shrugging:

its actually the players fault for playing roblox at peak hours :confused:

There’s a lot of different things contributing to it.