Very hard levelling challenge

try to get to level 80 without joining small servers, but you delete your file every time you see Ace/Aaron Salore



thats not a challenge thats a execution

What if my character last name is Salore? :flushed:

Wish me luck.

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Try getting to level 80 without killing anyone lol that would stink.

bro you say stink that bad word

Oh no I so big sorry I meant “Feel unfathomably unpleasant whilst having to bear such an odor with the potential to make me suffer nasal sensory overload”.

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Fuck you and this challenge too, I failed 20 times. Not cool B(

i have a even harder challenge
(pls dont actually do this, pls dont.)


the rise of the aarons is soon upon us

prepare while you can; i wish you all the best during these dark days

this is the most impossible challenge ever done

20 characters

fuck now i have to restart

bro noooooo you lost the challange :frcryin:

Hardcore mode
you must have a friend online named aaron who is actively hunting you down

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“This video I try to speedrun and get max in World of Magic while me friend Aaron tries to find me, if my screen shows his name tag in front of me ONCE I lose If I get to lvl 80 without seeing him once I win, this is, Aaron Manhunt”

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