Very, very quick question about magic and magic hybrid builds

are the lost and ancient magics locked for* hybrids? are mages the only class able to use them? if so, what about mutations, would they be implemented and would we be able to use them as a conjurer, paladin or warlock?

My brother in christ, mutations are lost/ancient magics

…you fr?

Forizzle my nizzle

…sooooo we’re still gonna be locked to normal magics or like

No every hybrid will have access to lost magics, I’m unsure about ancients though

  1. why would losts and ancients be locked to hybrids that’s genuinely incredibly stupid, mages literally know magic better than them

  2. hybrids will at least have losts, I think ancients are for mages only but I could be wrong.

  3. mutations have been replaced by scrolls and they are not going to be implemented for the last time and why the actual fuck would a hybrid use them if a mage can’t

very tired today, im very close to snapping so pardon my language

hybrids will be able to get 1 lost magic, ancients are unsure

i… asked if the magics were locked to hybrids, like as in, not usable by them, yknow, like when you’re outside and the door is LOCKED.

that would be locked for hybrids then, locked to means they’re the only ones who can use it

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I assume ancients will be reserved to mages only since they’re considered the peak of magic according to their trello description

Fk mages and their ancient magic. That is not so cool at all, feels like their too old by using “Ancient Magic”. Eww. Ban mage in arcane odyssey!!!

and let savant use ancient magic since savant literally means to be good at everything

lets just ban magic overall, guns are the next powerhouse

actually it means you’re the worst at everything but you can use everything

spirit-shatter-t2 ileg imbued plunderers

I think they’re talking about the actual definition of savant, but they are slightly wrong cause it just means someone with a large amount of knowledge in one field rather than everything

I love how nobody can agree on what “savant” means.
I’ve heard 3 different definitions in this same thread and they couldn’t possibly be further from each other lol.

Not me man, I looked up the definition on I’m a smart cookie :triumph:

Anyways clearly Savant means that you’re amazing at everything except one specific thing. (real)