Vetex Has To Change This

Vetex, why’d you make it like this. Why is it that the guild UI for members has a dimmed and dulled version of a color of your choice. For example, in my guild I picked color #f9df57 as one of my colors. A pretty light yellow. However the members UI look like this: Capture_11
A vile color, one of my guildmates even described it as being akin to baby excrement. Why must it be dimmed? I picked that color the way it is because I like it, by altering it you are taking away the value of that choice. If it must be altered, make it go from the primary to secondary color, not from light to dark.


Edit: “pretty light color” should be ‘pretty, light color’.

by the way, i was the one who called it “baby excrement” but i actually called it babyshit

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Smh, misinformation, ban

The higher your rank, the more accurate it is to the color you chose. It looks fine to me


wait so all but 2 would be babyshit

It looks fine, however you can see from the image that the colors really do look terrible from Guild UI to the chosen colors.


not going to type that