Wait wth (9 char)

So uh
Haven’t drawn in 2 weeks but started to draw like like hour ago
Started practicing and all of you are liars

Drawing eyes are far FAR easier than drawing hands
Also dark bags under eyes look cool (this is edgy ik pls help)

edge :(

Agreed, I have no idea which dumbasses said drawing hands are easier

Detailing them is another story…

hands is hurt

both are easy but pop off

Drawing an eye vs drawing both eyes

ah yes, the eyes curse

I always put one higher than the other or just wrong angle
Got down the size though

If you’re doing electronic art, couldn’t you copy and paste the eye?(flip horizontally)

And yeah! It’s totally what it is!

How tf do you even draw hands
Just make it a chicken’s wing

you dont

Cover up with clothes ftw

ah yes, the good old times when i draw all of my characters with long a$$ robe, or put their hands behind back/ in pocket

How to draw a perfect head
step 1: Draw in the head and color it in

2: You are finished