Wanna-be Exiled

I’m currently trying to improve my pvp skills (which are complete doo doo right now) by modeling my fighting style based on the Exiled boss. Right now I have a full-tank build with Heavy WoJ, 1,031 hp, and Light magic for the speed (along with an Oath and Sunken Sword).

I’m still figuring out how to play to the strengths of this setup and I was wondering if any pvp pros have some advice.

magic slows the user, just wait till they use it up and you can rush them :ok_hand:t2:

Mind if I see your gear? If you’re running a full tank build, you should have quite a bit more than 1035 hp.

The optimal gear set is hard sunken chest, hard sunken helm, hard sunken legs, hard dull defense, and hard pirate hat or tricorn.

If you don’t have sunken, exiled is the second strongest for defense, followed by iron.

This will grant you almost 1.2k health.

My style is weapons only, and it has been for a while, so I play very similarly to a full tank. You’re at a disadvantage by not having the power to back up your spells. The optimal weapons build for a tank player is sunken sword, oathkeeper, and vastira, but vastira can be substituted for dual daggers (I use Castlian sword instead due to how I hate how vastira looks). My playstyle is a style I like to call Zonedown, a combination of zoning and rushdown. Pressure your opponents from a far with Oathkeeper, and use it to counterattack as it wins every clash. If your opponent has an oathkeeper, make sure that you are not the first to use raging storm. Reserve your raging storm to counter theirs.

Sunken Sword/Vastira are used when the opponent gets a bit too close for comfort, but they can also be used to rush. Rising Tide/Mighty Crash + Self Explosion is usually pretty strong, although Ice benefits the most from this due to the 40% bonus damage against bleeding opponents.

If you opted for Dual Daggers instead of Vastira, reserve those for counterattacking as they go through most projectiles and travel very fast while also leaving you relatively safe.

lol wall of jericho can not co-exist with vastira

Full Hard Exiled Armor, a dull Strong Power amulet, a dull Swift Defence Amulet, a Swift Oath, a Hard Sunken, and the aforementioned Heavy WoJ.

Some of these enchantments are pretty lame but there’s nothing I can really do about it (it’s gonna be such a pain trying to get another Oath or Sunken Sword). Although I am trying to get a dull Hard Defence Amulet because that’s cheap and common.

Thanks for the help.