Warlock Awakening question

If you become a warlock would you be able to get 1 lost fighting style and 1 lost or ancient magic or only one of the two

I think you can get either :
1 Base Fighting Style + 1 Lost Fighting Style + 2 Base Magics + 1 Lost/Ancient Magic or 2 Base Fighting Styles + 1 Lost Fighting Style + 1 Base Magic + 1 Lost/Ancient Magic, it would be logical since 1 + 1 + 2 + 1 = 5 wich is the number of Magics of a Mage, so both builds will have 5 “powers”.

Aight thanks

I don’t think it’s been confirmed/decided yet. As a warlock myself I’m hoping you’ll be able to get both

I think I’ll go Shadow & Darkness and for my three fisghting styles I don’t know yet

Ill go lightning wind and electron with thermo and impact fist if possible tryna be like zeus

i think u get 1 base magic and 1 fighting style to start off with, then you choose either 1 other fighting style or magic, and probably just 1 lost or ancient which would give you 4 total

assuming base combat is replaced by your first fighting style i guess

But surely you get access to a lost fighting style otherwise being a warlock wouldn’t be favoured

like i said, probably one or the other

i plan to get a lost fighting style rather than magic on my warlock file

Ig we j gotta see

so in theory a warlock would have 1 base magic + 2 common fighting styles or 2 base magics and 1 common fighting style
hybrid magic builds can get 1 lost or ancient magic and presumably fighting style hybrids have a similar situation with 1 lost or ancient fighting style(though i don’t see why you wouldn’t upgrade a lost fighting style to an ancient one.)
so in theory a warlock could get the above plus 1 lost/ancient magic+1 lost/ancient fighting style


Doesnt that mean if you upgrade a fighting style to lost level then get a lost fighting style you basically have 2 lost fighting styles

i would assume that the common->lost would take up a lost fighting style allowing you to get another common one in the place of the common one you upgraded.

I thought its just an upgraded form of the fighting style which means it stays as the base fighting style just like a mk2

from what it sounds like you are phyisically upgrading it from common “tier” to lost “tier” it would be able to go toe to toe to another lost. you’d be able to get this if you liked the effects of one common fighting style but wanted to keep it viable

So then would there be something like this for base magics?

Oh ok cant you do that for a lost tho