Warlock imbue not giving the damage buff to fist style, but giving paralysis

So, when i imbue my lightning onto my sailor style fists, it gives paralysis as it should. however, the damage bonus is not being applied to my fist style when i do this. Is imbuement supposed to give damage bonuses to the thing its imbued on (when it synergies, like water and lightning) or is it just supposed to give status affects?

Most imbuements don’t really increase damage, they affect multiple stats. Since you’re using lightning, you get higher attack speed and lightning’s synergies/paralyze at the cost of lower damage

er, thats not really what im asking.
What im asking is if the +10% synergy damage bonus with lightning and water is supposed to apply when my fist style is imbued with it. it only paralyzes and soaks, but it doesnt increase its damage by 10%, which is confusing since it soaks. And even on subsequent hits, it doesn’t increase the damage.
To get my damage bonus i have to un-imbue my fist style, and hit the enemy with a default sailor style move and a default lightning magic move.
sorry if i wasn’t clear, and thanks for giving me your time to respond.

The dmg should be lower if you’re imbueing lightning, but you said the dmg doesn’t change so i guess the 10% buff from soaked enemies equals out the dmg

this, seems lilke the most rational answer? the difference between damage is only around 5 points, so… the + symbol must not appear because the damage is still lower than default.