Warlock vs Conjurer

What are some benefits of each? Builds that you use? I’m curious as to which one to pick and also how they compare to pure mage.

I use warlock to be cool, but conjurer is so much better its nuts.

i use warlock personally i kinda wish i chose conjurer but only because every fighting style feels the same while most weapons have unique abilities and you can fight bosses for them. also the magic infused weapons look sm better than magic infused fists. i also lowkey hate the close range type of fighting and i use magic way more, fighting styles only have one ranged move so if you like more close up combat with some m1s then go warlock.

if you want more close range combat or customizable moves: warlock
if you want more variety: conjurer

oh one more thing i havent really tried pvp yet but compared to magic fighting styles are ass for pve from my experience. taking out bosses is a lot easier using ranged attacks and most of them have close ranged attacks with knockback so you’ll have a harder time if you’re attacking head on instead of dodging and attacking from a distance

Conjurer is more PvE focused since most bosses rely on you keeping your distance and a lot of weapons have ranged skills but I feel like Warlock would be pretty powerful for PvP as the quick movements some of it’s strength skills have could give you an edge in a fight.

i eat people as warlock

that’s nice, honey.