Was metal lightning a good idea?

I thought it was a good idea at first (lightning can synergize with metal because of metal bleed) but I realized that metal can SELF SYNERGIZE and I would never need lightning’s speed because metal aoe is insane.

  • yes
  • no

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size stacking is gonna get nerfed so lightning will prob be good (lightning getting some buffs too)

I came up with the idea before you did lol

It’s decent, lightning covers metals lack in speed while metal can make up in terms of firepower.

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yes, also lightning seems to have more range FROM BEAM ALONE that metal couldnt reach

i could reach an opponent with lightning beam that i couldnt even reach with metal HAMMER SPHERE

just realized but if lightning/metal works, shadow could be quite devastating too with heavier magics as a second…

ngl although shadow is a “loner” in terms of damage synergies, utility wise, shadow can go well with pretty much anything

shadow is only good as a solo magic…

mmmm idk man fire/shadow sounds pretty nasty

(fire’s DoT can be a nightmare while a heavy and fast hitter like shadow bombards the opponent)

Some other options

Metal does +10% on corroding, acid does +10% on bleeding plus some puddles.

Magma does 20% on bleeding and removes bleed, metal does +10% on melting.

Wind has similar speed to lightning and can clear some of your statuses.

Sand if you wanted a blind and metal does +10% to sandy. Sand +10% to bleeding

But lightning is good since its faster than these and has buff on the bleed. Metal doesn’t get a buff tho

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metal can self synergize

Shoot a metal blast and then shoot the metal blast with lightning to see what happens, it might only work from enemy blasts but it should make it better (useless but if it works on Metal Pulsar then fat W)