Water magic Flaunt

Gif W Flaunt

Cant wait to fill 1000 bottles with water, selling those bottles for npc just to watch as water that i created with magic dissapea from bottles :hungry:

By the way, for those who wonders what is Flaunt.
Its a really old feature that was mentioned on trello all the way back, to WOM’s update days.

I might do some others magic flaunts, but its just as with “build’s awakening” series. Im to lazy to say anything. ¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


so how would one flaunt plasma or explosion magic :thinking:

laser engraving and party snaps could work

Yum magic energy in the form of swamp water :yum:

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I imagine magic water tastes awful, would be funnier if he spit it out after drinking it

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Would probably kill you too

This is amazing! Nice work!