Water Magic Infused Sailor Fist?

Lets say you go Warlock, and have Water Magic and Sailor Fist. Then, when you get your awakening, you gain the ability to inbue Water Magic into your Sailor Fist!!
First off, doesn’t Sailor Fist already inflict the Wet status effect like Water Magic already (at high levels)? What else would imbuing your sailor fist with water magic do?
Also, do you guys think that imbuing Sailor Fist with Water Magic will give it like, reduced sea water consumption or free sea water regen?

I think water magic specifically will do nothing special for it. Obviously the warlock boost of boosted aoe will still matter, but i dont think water will give it any unique effects.

it’s just wetter

i guess it will always soak instead of only when you have seawater

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It would get more water effects, inflict soaked on every hit, get the benefit of the aoe boost from warlock awakening and then also get increased size boost even further cause water magics stats will effect the imbued fighting style

basicaly just make it larger and always imbue soaked

wet fisting