Ways I would make Blocking better in WoM

Just a few things before I start this off. These are suggestions, but I don’t have good enough trust level to actually talk about this. But, still I think it is worth discussing. So here are my ideas on how to fix blocking in WoM. This will be lengthy.

How to Make Blocking more Optimal:
1- Reduce Blocking Activation Stamina

  • Blocking takes way too much stamina, currently blocking takes up around 30 stamina just to even activate, which although doesn’t sound like much, in PvP it definitely is. Now, in WoM’s current combat system you are always constantly running, jumping, high-jumping, etc all in order to avoid attacks, all of those actions take an incredible amount of stamina to pull-off simultaneously and to add onto that blocking takes a lot of stamina, So if you ever wanted to block, you couldn’t because you don’t have enough stamina; which is unfair because where you definitely would’ve blocked you couldn’t, “Oh, you wanted to block? Shouldn’t have wasted all your stamina dodging attacks”. Thing about this is that not only does it put blocking at an unfair disadvantage, but also a pretty unsafe option to use. It is too reliant on how much stamina you have, so much so, that you have to ask yourself, “I am out of stamina so do I want to block here or not?” or in other words, “I am out of stamina so do I want to live or die?” Simply put, if you are out of stamina you have no other options except get destroyed by a placed explosion. I would recommend the blocking stamina to get reduced to 10, the draining effect is ok as it is.

2- Startup and Release

  • The start-up lag for blocking needs to be fixed. When you block the instant the attack hits you, the block doesn’t activate in enough time even though you did indeed perfect blocked the attack. I think that the startup lag, or the time it takes for the block to be activated, should be 3 frames or .03 milliseconds assuming WoM could run at 60 fps. Though milliseconds do seem like much, this is actually a pretty common time-frame for most action and fighting games like Smash Bros. for example. Not only that, but when you release the block (or the moment you let go of the ‘G’ key) in WoM there is too much end-lag, to the point where you can’t commit to an option or block again, so again assuming WoM runs at 60 fps (which it probably doesn’t) blocking should finish releasing after 3 to 6 frames or .03 to .06 milliseconds. This change this would make blocking a whole lot more safe and it would allow the player to commit to an option before they get completely annihilated by, again, a placed explosion.

3- Rolling or Dashing Out of Shield

  • When the player blocks there should be a dashing mechanic out of blocking, and the player should be able to move very slightly when shielding they shouldn’t be completely still because that just makes you essentially an open target to placed explosions. This system could be like Roblox - Anime Battle Arena in which you can roll/dash. Here is what I mean.
    Credit: Infernasu
    In the gif, you see the player dash backwards this is a good tool for dodging and spacing. I believe that is how blocking should work, this would work really well for avoiding attacks and would be more effective than just spamming high-jumps and would be an effective counter to placed explosions. The more you roll the more stamina in takes, a normal roll should take stamina and if you roll 3 times in a row within a certain time frame maybe like 5 seconds the stamina it takes to roll will increase. Example: 30 -> 40 -> 60 stamina

4- Change Keybinds For Block (Optional)

  • I believe that the blocking keybind should be ‘F’ instead of ‘G’. The reason is because the closer the block is to your fingers the more effective the block is. I am not saying the ‘G’ key is too far away, but I think that the ‘F’ key is ultimately more natural and would work better.

Anyway, that is all I have as far as suggestions. What are your guys thoughts?

Edit: I removed the I-frames, and made rolling take stamina.

it sounds good but i have a question, how could you roll out of your block in the air and also F is already taken for a spell keybind, so it will probably stay g

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1 - ok
2 - That only happens with fists, with melee weapons or shields theres no startup lag
3 - Alright sure lets make the damage negation option also impossible to pressure so it doesn’t have counterplay
4 - F is a spell keybind, would you rather have to press Y, G, or N for one of your spells?

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You can block in the air so you can always just dash out of it, blocking shouldn’t leave you hanging in the air. The spell that locks onto the F keybind should be moved to G instead.

G is fine for blocking.

As for blocking cost, unless this scales with your max stamina then it is fine, because we are very early in the game and our max stamina is extremely low.

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2- There is start-up lag or really delay, it looks like there isn’t but I have been hit by attacks that I absolutely know I blocked
3- I-frames are in literally every fighting game dude, what are you on about. I said initial dash too so the i-frames would only be on for 2 frames or .02 milliseconds. The end of the dash animation would make you vulnerable

I can give you a clip of what I mean later

blocking is kinda a bad idea now but when homing blasts and everyone has access to placed explosions then maybe u could post this again in the forums bcz for now we dont rlly need to block a lot

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I-frames will be in awakened tier melee attacks.

Which is why I am making this suggestion. Blocking should be used more often, and in order to do this blocking has to be better optimized for combat situations.

slightly off topic but i never bought a shield, are shields a tool item or a weapon because i’d rather have my current load out of a spear a shortsword and duel daggers instead of replacing one with a shield

Blocking will be used much more in later levels, as spells will be much bigger than they currently are.

This isn’t anime battle arena bro. Blocking is perfect atm imo and I absolutely love it. It may use “too much stamina” (even though when you block, you stand completely still and you’d have regenerated the stamina you lost by that time), but you can’t have both dodging AND blocking at the same time.

Also the start up lag is tied to your ping. Never had a problem with perfectly blocking attacks because of the deploy time.

It probably won’t be used more often the way it is now. Blocking in this game is still far from perfect, I have seen plenty of action and adventure games with better blocking.

Yes, but it will be different later. Most of the game is designed for the later levels.

thats why i said to repost this in the forums later

Literally every game I know allows you to dodge and block. Smash Bros., Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, Brawlhalla, and even Rogue Lineage. A dodge mechanic isn’t outrageous and dodging while blocking at the same time wouldn’t be allowed, because when you dodge you can’t block

This isn’t Smash Bros., Dark Souls, Legend of Zelda, Brawlhalla or anime battle arena. This is World of Magic. It has its own pvp rules.

That doesn’t mean you can’t take aspects from similar genres and put them into your game. I know WoM is WoM, but that doesn’t mean the system doesn’t need refining.

I am loving your guys responses so far, keep them coming! I want your opinions